Peace Agreements

Peace Agreement is an official document, contract signed by two or more parties involved in the conflict; PA is intended to end or significantly transform a violent conflict by peaceful means.

GeoPeaceData of Peace Agreements of Georgia

Creation Georgia’s Violent Conflict Settlement Peace Agreements (PA) and launching the online GEO PeaceDatabase is ambitious and important programme ICCN has identified as the special goal to be fulfilled.

Since its foundation ICCN has collected dozens of Georgia’s violent conflict settlement related official documents (e.g. PAs, Statements, Decisions, etc.). From 2014 the organisation allocated, identified and coded dozens all hard copies and e-versions of peace process and conflict settlement related documents. The decision was made to set a full database of Georgia’s Violent Conflicts Related Peace Agreements (PA) and make it online as a GEO PeaceDatabaze. The full GEO PeaceDatabase will cover the statistical information and direct access to every PA PDF file covered by the database and the information about particular figures related to Peace Agreements content and their preparation processes as well.

The full GEO PeaceDatabase will give access to a definitive collection of 1991 -2018 Peace Agreements, which at present comprise over 500 PAs between Georgian-Abkhazian, Georgian-Ossetian, Georgian-Russian sides and International Stakeholders involved as a Third Neutral Parties.

The GEO PeaceDatabase will enable access and selection of different PAs by several variables, e.g.: Vector of PA to the conflict of country/entity (Geo-Abkhazian PA, Geo-South Ossetian PA, Geo-Russian PA), PA/Structure Issuing (JCC, Working Group, CIC, etc.), PA/First Signatories, PA/Places of Signing, PA/Status and stage, etc. (all PAs collected in GEO PeaceDatabase are classified under 15 sections and coded with 134 Variables). The GEO PeaceDatabase page also includes a link to the agreement text. All search results can be viewed as a PDF, or exported to excel for quantitative analysis.

The purpose of this GEO PeaceDatabase is to enable access to researchers that are working on peace agreement provisions and to support scholars and interested individuals engaging in peace processes to access comparative statistical information on how peace agreements deal with core issues of women’s inclusive participation, third neutral parties and their role, human rights, cease fire and security issues, financial aid, etc.

Apart from its own collection of PAs ICCN has reviewed, categorized, collected, and digitalized all additional PAs from several sources to make its existing documentary base fully comprehensive and integral.

2011 Agreement on the Basic Principles for a Mechanism of Customs Administration and Monitoring of Trade in Goods

See the Agreement on the website of the "Legislative Herald":

2008 Peace Agreement 6-point Plan Signed

2001 Agreement on Border Representatives

1998 Geneva Process Second Meeting Concluding statement of the Georqian and Abkhaz sides

1993 Peace Agreement Signed

1992 Peace Agreements Signed

1991 Peace Agreement signed

Newspaper "Vestnik Gruzii", 1991, 26 March.

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