Peace Education

Conflict Resolution, Tolerance, Gender Equality and Diversity

Developing Peace Education for non-violent conflict resolution, gender equality, tolerance and diversity.

Educational Training Programmes of ICCN: Conflict Management, Peacebuilding, Gender Equality, Diversity, Tolerance

Since its foundation (August 8, 1994) the International Center on Conflict and Negotiation (ICCN) pioneered conflict resolution in Georgia in scientific, practical and educational fields.

Conflict Analysis, Conflict Transformation and Non-violent Problem Solving, Public Diplomacy, Raising Public Awareness on Conflict Peaceful Resolution, Ensuring Societal Support for Peacebuilding Approaches - this is a general list of scopes that describes more than 20 years’ experience of ICCN.

During past years more than 15,000 trainees passed through the Peace Educational Training Programmes of the Center form various villages and cities of Georgia.

Educational Training Programmes comprise all important issues related to conflict and peace: The Essence of a Conflict, its Nature, Parties of a Conflict, Types and Sources of a Conflict, Dynamics, Conflict Resolution and its Transformation issues, Conflict-related Emotions and their Management, Culture and Conflict, Gender Aspects of a Conflict, Peacebuilding, Tolerance and Diversity. The Training Programme includes the theoretical side of the conflict as well as interesting and illustrative examples from Georgian reality. The programmes inform participants about different methods of conflict analysis, showing importance of the roles of culture, diversity and gender equality for the escalation or de-escalation of a conflict.

From 1994 to 2018, numerous educational programmes were implemented with the initiative of the Center. Thousands of people passed through our training sessions over the years. Most of them are people who have direct contact with existing conflicts in Georgia (IDPs, Journalists, Teachers, representatives of national NGOs and Government, Law Enforcement Agencies, different groups of Ethnic and Religious Minorities, Women, Youth, Young Leaders of Political Parties and others).

Training modules and programmes are created and adapted within the framework of ICCN’s educational training programmes. The Center’s Scientists and trainers having international qualifications worked for many years on preparation the Center's educational training programmes as well as on adaptation the theoretical materials into the training modules. At various times, the Center has repeatedly published authentic training modules and programmes which are available in both printed and electronic formats. (See in the menu of our website: "Resources").

As a result of educational and training programmes, the Center has received a lot of warm, thankful letters from trainers and donor organizations over the last 20 years. Furthermore, many institutions used ICCN’s training modules and other scientific publications and have been grateful to our Center.

Our Center’s archive consists of a 20-years old video and photo-documentary material that reflects the course of training programmes for many years. Analysis the Center’s archive material for scientific researches of the field will be interesting and important in the future.

The Mission and Aim of the Educational Training Programmes of ICCN

The Chronology of the Educational Training Programmes of ICCN

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