The President of Georgia - No and Never!

15 May, 2024

Tbilisi, Georgia

The President - no and never! By vetoing, I will not enter into some false, artificial and deceitful negotiations, because I will not betray this spirit of society

"I want to thank our guests. I would like to express my special thanks to the President of Lithuania, Mr. Gitanas Nauseda, who initiated today's visit to Georgia by the foreign ministers of the four Nordic countries, our four friends: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Iceland.

Their visit today is an important signal for Georgia's European future and our support, for which I am grateful and I am grateful on behalf of all the people who have been standing outside for so many days".

“We also discussed what the next steps should be. I clearly explained to our friends that in no way will I use my veto to enter into a false, artificial, deceptive, misleading discussion. No and never. Because I will not betray the spirit that is in this country today, that needs to be promoted. I will be the person who will open this road and I will not block this road to go forward, this message will be delivered by our friends to everyone where it is needed, so that no one thinks that the Georgian President can be used by this government to save the face of this government”.

"For this, I introduced to our friends our future plans, what should be the European Platform, which I have been working on for several weeks, which has been formed and which I will officially present to our population, but everyone knows that this is the set of decisions that will lead Georgia to the elections - together and mobilized and which will return Georgia to its path with elections. Our immediate future is upcoming elections, mobilization for a peaceful path, where we will all win together, without a doubt, to take Georgia to the peaceful and European path" - H.E. Salome Zourabichvili, President of Georgia.


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See full adress of the President here.

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