Our close friends, dear ICCN’s Community,

2021 is a great year for our organization - on our 27th anniversary, we decided to address you to support us financially, so that we continue our historical digital archive, which is free of charge.

During the next decades, we may face completely different challenges towards maintaining Historical Archive of Georgia in Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding. We may not yet have access to all the historical documents related to armed conflicts and peacebuilding, but we are able have it. In the coming decades, we can still collect and retain documents that will enrich our collection - no other organization can offer you the same as the existing one today. In the future, we can enlarge archival platforms driven by altruism rather than advertising models. We can have a world with many winners where people participate, learn and find new tools to build peace. We believe we can build this future together!

From the beginning, it was important for our e-archive in conflict resolution, transformation and peacebuilding, to be a non-for-profit, because it worked for the people. Its motives had to be clear and long-lived. That is why we do not charge our users for access, do not sell data or place advertisement - we offer free resources to people everywhere.

We trust the kindness of people like you to make a small donation and together we will be able to cover the costs of servers, staff and archive conservation projects in the future.

If everyone who uses our website contributes a little, we can continue to offer these services for free and without advertising in the years to come. If you find our website useful, please donate a bit!

Thank you for supporting us!

Our website serves thousands of people every year. We often receive letters of appreciation for the opportunity created through our website to provide access to many unique authentic documentaries on armed conflicts of Georgia and the South Caucasus, Ukraine and Moldova, war, peace, tolerance, negotiation and post-war cooperation in English, Georgian, and Russian languages. We receive letters of special thanks from young scholars, students, international and intergovernmental organizations and missions - who need the materials from our unique archive, a collection of historical digital authentic documentation - as a daily working tool.

Now, as never before, we need your financial support to continue to collect, preserve, and share our digital documentation and historical, cultural artifacts.

From around the World, our readers browse more than 200 books, over 500 historical documents, download more than 1000 files daily – photo, audio materials, texts, research results, our website makes available more than 100 useful links relevant to the topic on the websites of international organizations.

ICCN, since the day of its foundation, has never received any assistance (material, financial or otherwise) from the authorities / governments of Georgia and / or any of the neighboring states or political parties - this approach is the policy of our Organization and helps us maintain an independent, impartial and neutral status and build a trust towards our activities.

Information about each donation will be published on our website according to your desire. If the donors wish so, their identities will be protected from disclosure.

For donations or any other form of cooperation, please email:

Nina Tsikhistavi-Khutsishvili, Ph.D(c), Director, ICCN

In case of a donation, we will be happy to send you a confirmation letter.

Thank you so much for supporting the International Center on Conflict and Negotiation with your donation!


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