Simulation Game: Handout for Training

Simulation Game: Handout for Training

Tbilisi, 2014

Recent events in Georgia show the challenging points of the integration process in the society. How this process will go on depends a lot on local community representatives, as well as CSO representatives, who put big effort in working on the issue. Different organizations are working on solutions, concentrating on human right questions and lobbying those rights on the institutional level. Many activities are dedicated to discussions of the possible solutions and formats: how should integration process be improved?

In order to start thinking about solutions on different levels, one should first of all answer the following questions: Why do we need integration? What are the problems that communities face during the process of integration on local as well as institutional level? How important are those problems? On which levels are solutions found?

In order to react on this problem, ICCN in cooperation with CRISP e.V planned and implemented a project “Imagine the Change”, with the support of Swiss Embassy. The main aim of the project was to introduce Georgian CSO representatives from different regions tool of simulation games for fostering further use of the tool.

Simulation Game presented below has been created and prepared for publishing in frames of the project.


International Center on Conflict and Negotiation


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