Training in Crises Management for IDP Women


Preparatory work for the IDP women training in Gori and Tbilisi – "Training in Crises Prevention and Management" was started on August 2010. Needs assessment, identification of appropriate materials, creation of original training design and agenda, preparation of Handouts for the 2 days training was done by the September 2010.


Training with IDP women was organized first in Gori, on September 13-14. It was run at the office of Republican Party and organized by the representatives of ICCN focal point in Gori. Participants were 14 women from the NGOs, schools of Gori and villages of the region, also buffer zones. There were 14 persons altogether. 13 of them were certified.

Training with IDP women was organized in Tbilisi, on October 20-21, at ICCN. Participants were 12 women from different compact centers. All of them were certified.

Trainers were Manana Kandelaki and Tinatin Asatiani.

Training Program aimed to develop and improve IDP women personal and social skulls and knowledge. It was planed:

  • to develop participants knowledge and understanding of crises management issue;
  • to develop stress tolerance and cooping mechanisms;
  • To train participants skills for effective prevention and management of stressful situations.

Topics of the Training

Essence of crises

Stress and its cooping mechanisms

Types of crises


Assertive behavior

Crises connected with changes

Participants were actively involved into the whole process. In their feedback they underlined that the content of the training was very interesting and they got an important knowledge in the field. They said that this program gave them an opportunity to broaden their view and look at the problems from different perspective. "Those skills are applicable in our everyday life", "it will help us to solve our problems".