Diversity management , Gender and the Issues of Participation for Community Leaders Akhaltsikhe IV Stage Process 


Human Rights, Gender and Minority division is aiming to achieve more gender equitable relations for the minority groups. Two step training on Diversity and Gender Participation Issues had been conducted in Akhaltsikhe for the mixed ethnic and gender group of community leaders.

ICCN regional coordinator in Akhaltsikhe Guliko Bekauri, PHD in Psychology, was in charge of recruiting the participants for the trainings. Community leaders, teachers, students, representatives of regional branch of the political party have been selected. The first two day training took place in July 26-27 2010 to give the basic information on diversity issues. The second stage in November 2-3 ,2010 was dedicated to the gender, gender equality and gender participation issues.

Both two day training have been conducted on the bases of the Experience Based Learning Approaches. The exercises from the Training For Change have been adopted to the issues of the Samtskhe- Javakjeti regional reality.


At the end of the two stage trainings 15 participants were given certificates and they are considered as a group the ICCN can relay on in case of the further cooperation, and specifically in the process of Inductive Study


Trainings on data collection about the participation of women and gender equality issues– Training in Akhaltsikhe region was conducted in February 24-25. 8 active women leaders that have participated our trainings have received an advance training on data collection and reporting about women’s participation. While the training on data collection for Bolnisi and Marneuli aimed at elaboration of measurement tool for women’s generally and minority women’s participation and influence in their regions, this time we aimed to train participants how to apply this tool, how to consider regional specifics (Where Armenians make majority in Javakheti and Akhaltsikhe is populated with both: Georgians and Armenians) .

Inductive Study on participation of minority groups and women in local leadership in Samtskhe Javakheti, the region with multiethnic population .This study was planned as a complementary to monitoring of local governing in respect of participation of minorities and women. The inductive study focuses more on the problems of minority women’s participation and encompasses not only local governmental bodies, but other aspects of local leadership, taking into consideration educational institutions, NGO and businesses. Thus, the relevant spheres were defined: Politics and governing, society and local leadership and education
The results of the study are available at ICCN official Website.

The IV stage was covered by Akhaltsikhe Local Television.