Creating Discourse and Instruments for Non-violent Management of Disputes, Civil Integration and promotion of Liberal Values


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The International Centre on Conflict and Negotiation is one of the important partner organizations of EED in Georgia. The history of EED-ICCN cooperation goes back to 2004 and the first programme was funded by EED in 2005. It was a pilot project aimed at awareness rising on minority rights and civil integration issues in Georgia that was to be followed by a long-term programme. EED supported ICCN in organizational and Institutional development process. It was preparation phase before implementation of three year strategic program: Creating Discourse and Instruments for Non-violent Management of Disputes, Civil Integration and promotion of Liberal Values

ICCN programme supported by EED is planned for 2009-2012. Program has three main directions: Conflict resolution and Transformation, Minority and Gender and Civil Society Development.

Program on Conflict Resolution and Transformation

Program Objective is that Conditions for prevention and peaceful resolution of conflicts are improved and non-violent approaches are promoted and practiced.

In the framework of this program we work with IDP’s for reconciliation and respectful coexistence in conflict regions and strengthening their skills in peaceful resolution of conflicts, from an active gender perspective.

We work with media representatives, especially, with young journalists on raising of awareness and skills on prevention and peaceful resolution of conflicts.

We support to restore dialogue between conflicting sides on territorial disputes in the South Caucasus.

Program on Minority and Gender

Program objective is to promote cooperative relationships of ethnic and religious minorities in the larger community and to give them opportunity to participate in civil life as active citizens.

We stimulate awareness of community at large about diversity issues and acceptance of minority groups.

We empower minority groups for positive relationships in the society and motivate them to participate in the social life.

We empower women in the minority groups for achieving a more gender equitable relation within and outside the groups.

Program on Civil Society Development

The objective of the program is to maintain an open space for social and political debates promoting democratic values, balance of power, gender equity and sustainable environment.

We activate civil society organisations in disseminating liberal values and democratic process in Georgia.

We provide capacity building of Civil Society Organizations in the regions of Georgia.