Women in Confidence-building

Within the Project on greater involvement of women in confidence-building along the ABL funded by #EUMM and #GPPAC Caucasus Regional Secretariat ICCN conducted a meeting with the local women community leaders to discuss ways of addressing human security problems.

The participants outlined several burning problems such as poor access to social services and medical assistance, problems arising between the police units and the local dwellers, fear of the population living near the conflict zone of their physical security, and unresolved social-economic problems.

ICCN has started the survey of the residents in the four targeted villages Ergneti, Zardiantkari, Koshka, and Nikozi to create a human security map and then advocate settlement of the revealed problems.

კონფლიქტებისა და მოლაპარაკების საერთაშორისო კვლევითი ცენტრი

International Center on Conflict and Negotiation

Международный Центр по Конфликтам и Переговорам

27+ მშვიდობის მშენებლობაში

27+ in peacebuilding

27+ в миростроительстве